Cold Smoke III
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just use your favorite wood chips, small chunks, or pellets.  A Cold Smoke Generator can be
refilled at any time during the smoking process without having to relight or open your grill or
smoker. They are designed with the smoke outlet tube above the fuel source to prevent clogging
and have a removable end cap for easy lighting.  *An adjustable air pump allows control of smoke
output and temperature to be maintained separately.

Are you tired of using smokers that do not produce enough smoke or have the ability to cold
Attach a Cold Smoke Generator and your problem is solved.

Accessory- Easily attaches to existing grills and smokers

Dimensions- 13-1/2" x 3-1/2" - Holds 3 cups of fuel

Fuel- Use wood chips, wood chunks or smoking pellets

Material- Constructed from 3 1/2" heavy gauge SCH 40 6061 precision machined aluminum for a
proper seal and long life

Smoke- 3+ hours of continual smoke and adjustable smoke control

Notice: A cold smoke generator is an aid in the process of smoked food preparation and is not a
stand-alone food preserver

Caution! Hot when in use.

Contents Include: Cold Smoker, Air Pump, Air Hose, ManuAl/Recipe Guide, Mounting Bracket for
the Big Green Egg, Demonstration DVD
Not included: Drill, Drill bit